Bunker Hill Park

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It seems that the Park is conceived as an entirely separate entity from the rest of the Grand Avenue development, and is planned to be built on top of a parking garage (already existing).

I have a suggestion: What if the one of the project parcels were used for all the parking, so that there would be no parking facilities (except for valet, service and handicapped needs) on any of the other parcels, including the park? This would ensure that even though the project will be designed as fully dependent on automobile visitors, those visitors would be expected to traverse the urban fabric of the area in order to come and go.

Parcel M is located on 2nd & Grand, across Second Street from Disney Hall. The western slope of Bunker Hill and Hope St could serve as the auto entrance and exit, and at the Grand Avenue street level there would be a pedestrian entrance and street level retail, and perhaps also an apartment tower or office tower.

This would allow the Park, and Parcels Q and W to fully utilize their urban potential, and actually interact with the street without
requiring pesky driveways all over the place. Nothing kills the urban street like auto entrances and exits.


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