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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Scale of the Opportunity

At the last public meeting Martha Welborne, the managing director for the committee, compared the budget for the park to the Millenium Park in Chicago. Though the budget for Chicago was quite a bit larger than our budget it included construction of the underground parking that is already in place in our case. She went on to say that the budgets for the two parks were very similar, about $50 million.

Millenium Park is pretty cool, lots of features, a big Gehry Bandstand, a fountain by Jaume Plensa with giant video faces,
a big Anish Kapoor scuplture, gardens, plazas and lawns. It is quite a bit larger than Bunker Hill Park will be. Many of the features carry the names of individuals or corporations suggesting that they were able to supplement the budget with donations. Welborne said that was a possibility here, too.

So, the thing is not built yet, public opinion could still sway the decision makers and the donaters to produce a park we will love and use for generations, that will enrich Los Angeles with something more than a grassy patch to be glimpsed from a passing car.

What would draw you the few blocks to the park on a weekend afternoon or summer evening.? What would make it a must do when friends come into town? What would make you proud to show to your relatives Thanksgiving weekend? Look, Los Angeles is growing up.


  • UCLA built a great parking structure underneath Drake Stadium. I think that would be a great model for underground parking on this project.

    Underground parking in LA is a must. With so much beautiful weather, why waste above land surface area on car space? You need to maximize the sunlight if you want to get people there.

    By Anonymous Mark Semotiuk, at Sun Sep 11, 09:42:00 PM 2005  

  • There is already parking in place under the park, That will save a lot of money. They are putting in a ton of parking under the Grand project one block away. I think this set of architects understand how important it is to keep the car access and parking from overwhelming the project and city scape. They have plenty of examples of how not to do it in the current situation where the ramps to the underground parking completely block visual and pedestrian access to the park that is there now. They are fixing this. But the same thing happens at Pershing Square. It wil take awhile to repair downtown.

    By Blogger Tim, at Mon Sep 12, 02:44:00 PM 2005  

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