Bunker Hill Park

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Disney Hall sits right on the sidewalk, it draws you toward it. This, certainly, can give us some hope that these folks also walk those sidewalks. I've spoken to Brenda Levin at Starbuck's, saw Witte rushing into Office Depot. Oldenburg's collar and tie shows Gehry can share the spotlight. These are encouraging signs to me.

I can't get past the feeling that Luckman, the Chandlers, Welton Becket and Perriera must have hated Downtown, been embarassed by its corny and very visible roots. They built a Music Center and Park that seem downright pathological in its desire to cut out the street and the people that used its sidewalks. Topped by the behemoth Chandler Pavilion, the complex quickly became a symbol of the imperial self image of an absent ruling class as, months after its opening, the Watts Riots brought the city to its knees.

I am not an architect or an urban planner but I imagine the Music Center and its surrounding 'neighborhoods' have become textbook examples of how to screw up a good thing, how to miss an important opportunity. I will say again that Disney Hall shows vast improvement and I hope that Gehry can prevail again in creating a place that even its designers and builders would be happy to live, work and play.

We still need to ask questions, make suggestions, insist that they explain themselves. Even well meaning people can overlook important considerations or meaningful opportunities. The people that know and care about downtown have the perspective to see those opportunities and articulate them.


  • Plus that whole Music Center area offers no real sense of security. There are too many dark corners and hidden points of access to make you ever feel comfortable walking through there at night.

    By Blogger ubrayj02, at Wed Sep 14, 08:16:00 PM 2005  

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